Meet the no2plastic ambassadors - a group of extraordinary humans from all walks of life who are inspired to share the no2plastic message as they live their extraordinary lives.
Claire Friesen grew up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and began her artistic metamorphosis as a performer in Franco Dragone's aquatic cirque show Le Rêve. Currently, Claire is an Actor and Underwater Artist based in New York City. She is deeply involved in combining her talents to tell the stories concerning plastic pollution. Read more »

Claire Friesen

Actor, Underwater Artist

Taylor Steele is an award-winning director and producer whose work has launched the careers of some of the most influential figures in surfing. For three decades Taylor has connected us to the ocean, waves and to the culture and action of surfing through films like The Drifter, Momentum, Castles in the Sky and Sipping Jetsreams. Read more »

Taylor Steele

Filmmaker, Producer

Alexandra is an aspiring marine biologist with a particular love of sharks. Despite growing up in Colorado, she has been fascinated with the mystery and beauty of life in the ocean since she was a child. Alexandra has developed a passion for protecting marine life and strives to educate her landlocked community about the land-to-sea connection and about reducing single-use plastic consumption. Read more »

Alexandra Haymons

Student, Plastic Activist

Jacques de Vos is a self-taught photographer and cameraman who began by following his passions into the oceans around Cape Town, South Africa. Since 2007 he has been freediving the unknown reaches of our oceans capturing stunning images of orca, humpback whales, dolphins and sharks. While he has received many prestigious awards along the way, he has also become an expert on orca behavior. Read more »

Jacques de Vos

Underwater Photographer, Filmmaker