Reducing Plastic for the Planet

no2plastic is a nonprofit dedicated to reducing single-use plastics for the benefit of human and planet health. We are a growing worldwide community of people, businesses, schools and organizations dedicated to changing consumer habits and to reducing single-use plastics one bottle at a time.

Just as ocean animals swim unnoticed under the surface, our stream of waste in the United States has been invisible for decades. We have shipped the majority of our single-use plastics to China and other countries, making our waste other nations problems. But the plastic we send away comes home.

Plastic has reached the deepest trenches of our oceans, plastic is in the water we drink, it is in the food we eat and it is in the sand where we play. Chances are plastic is in your body. Plastic threatens wildlife, water sources and diminishes the beauty of our landscapes. Plastic has a half life measured in hundreds even thousands of years. While certain plastics have value, single-use plastics are a global concern.

no2plastic is a diverse network of educators, students, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, kids, seniors, scientists, celebrities, and innovators. Our partners and members share our mission. We believe that if enough of us say “no” to single-use plastics that we, as Conscientious Consumers, will have the power to drive the demand for new innovative reusable designs.

The no2plastic store offers a growing collection of these designs. There you will find a selection of goods empowering and inspiring people and businesses to substitute disposable single-use items with reusable ones.

The plastic story is ongoing and we believe that the best way to connect with people is through the visual arts. no2plastic funds award winning photographers, filmmakers and artists to visually tell the story of our planet and its struggle with plastic pollution.

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